A fjord is a deep, narrow and elongated sea or lakedrain, with steep land on the sides. 

Hardanger er kjent for dramatiske landskap med fjell, breer, fosser og fjorder. Dette har tiltrukket seg turister og kunstnere gjennom alle år.  

Hardangerfjorden er den tredje lengste fjorden i verden.   


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Ullensvang municipality is a part of Hardanger and is known as Norway's fruit orchard. Take a cruise to Ullensvang and you'll experience the beautiful Hardangerfjord with it's steep mountains, quaint villages and diverse history. 

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Welcome to a vibrant Eidfjord and a beautiful experiences all year round, whether you are just passing through or want a place you can stay for a few days.

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Bergen the second largest city in Norway. The Gateway to the Fjords of Norway. As a UNESCO World Heritage city and a European city of culture, Bergen has the ideal combination of nature, culture and exciting urban life all year around.

Norheimsund, fjordcruise, Hardangerfjord


Norheimsund is the trade center in outer Hardanger, and has several activities to offer in the area. 

One of the most famouse waterfalls in the country, Steinsdalsfossen, is located in Norheimsund.