Folgefonna Glacier cruise and VIP car

  • 8 timer
  • Kr 25.000


Glacier cruise to the Folgefonna glacier, with fjord cruise and VIP car transportation. Typically we start around 10:00, you are picked up on in the hotel garden. We cruise out the Hardanger Fjord to the village Jondal, where our VIP car (BMW X5) is waiting for you. We continue up to the Folgefonna glacier, about 19 km. Up at the glacier, we can either just walk over to the glacier for a look, touch and feel the ice, or hire a (VIP) guided tour on the glacier for typically 3 hours. When finished on the glacier, we drive back down to the village. We can have lunch at the local Jondal hotel, or continue to Odda city by car for lunch, with some more options. After lunch we drive to the Låtefoss waterfall 15 minutes up the valley from Odda, spectacular waterfall. Return to hotel by car, and we should be back around 18:00. With this you have a full day Hardanger excursion with yacht and VIP car, and will explore many of the villages and attractions along the fjord.


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Bryggen, Bryggen, Bergen, Norway