Fyksesund & Norheimsund

  • 7 timer
  • Kr 22.000


We cruise from Hotel Ullensvang, passing Utne and via the pristine Fyksesund Fjord, the best part of Hardangerfjord. In the Fyksesund fjord, you will explore the narrow fjord with only untouched nature, waterfalls and silence. No cruise-ships, and barely any people. We enjoy the waterfalls directly down to the boat, where you can have a shower if you want, or taste the fresh mountain water from the waterfalls. Enjoy the silence, or go for a swim in the fjord. We then continue to Norheimsund, for lunch at Thon Hotel Sandven, and excursion to the Steinsdalsfossen waterfall, where you can walk behind without getting wet. Also possible to visit the Wooden boat workshop and museum, Hardanger maritime centre. https://fartoyvern.no/en/ Cruise back to Ullensvang when finished. Always snacks & refreshments included in the cruise, or enjoy the food you bring along on our panoramic Flybridge.


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Bryggen, Bryggen, Bergen, Norway